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Easy to use

·         all data entered can be selected by means of dialog buttons

·         the software contains a large variety of pre-defined, completed designs for walls, windows, ceilings and floors

·         the results are presented in easily understood diagrams and tables

·         all of Lindab’s water-borne climate control products are included in the software

·         includes a guide to help new users start their climate simulations quickly and easily

Accurate and reliable

·         TEKNOsim is based on many years’ experience of data-based climate simulation

·         the software takes into account every significant parameter affecting indoor climate

·         fast, accurate calculations that minimize the risk of oversizing your climate control system

·         verified by Chalmers Industriteknik, CIT

Brand neutrality

·         Allows the calculation of the heating and cooling effect of various climate control systems

See the results

·         The results are presented as clear tables and diagrams

·         By changing various parameters, it is possible to study building and installation dynamics

·         The software can be used at all stages, beginning with the early stages of planning