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Safe Click sistema

Lindab Safe Click

Lindab Safe Click - assemble with a click, easy and fast

The new, innovative duct system from Lindab is based on a principle well known to you. A simple click is all it takes to assemble the ducts and fittings.

One click - and the ducts and fittings are assembled

Lindab Safe Click is installed quickly and easily with just a click. The system improves working conditions and saves important time for installers and contractors.
You will especially benefit from Lindab Safe Click where space is limited and the handling of tools is difficult.

You get the same proven system. We just added simplicity

Lindab Safe Click is based on our well-known, tested and documented Lindab Safe system. It is compatible with both Lindabs existing systems and other systems on the market.
The system offers numerous advantages.

Advantages during installation

  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to install, especially where space is limited
  • Better ergonomics
  • Assembling and adjusting is made easier
  • Less need for manual tools

Advantages during use

  • Fewer holes from screws or rivets in the duct system and thereby a tighter system
  • Fewer sharp parts from screws or rivets in the duct
  • The ducts are easier to clean and the risk of bacteria growth is reduced
  • Based on our well-known, tested and well-documented Safe System
  • Compatible with other systems

Bring installation to the highest level

Lindab Safe Click consists of a range of circular ducts and fittings.
The system is available in dimensions from Ø80-Ø315 mm but can vary from market to market.

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