Easily managed the design and equipment selection programs for creation of ventilation systems.


3D program developed and improved by Lindab which operates in AutoCAD environment. The program is designed for preparation of technical drawings, material specifications and objectives of ventilation system and ensuring exact cooling system selection and design. The program is based on Lindab production standards.

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Lindab equipment selection software application that helps to choose directly via internet the necessary equipment for the project, visualize received results and save all information in your account. This application also allows you to share prepared data on equipmkent with colleagues and customers as well as to achieve necessary Lindab latest documentation. Lindqst has interfaces with such design programs as CADvent and MagiCAD.

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TEKNOsim - is the software that provides fast, easy and reliable climate simulation. It is easy to use, and provides you with clear, understandable results. You can easily see the consequences of altering various parameters, and you can rely on the software’s brand-neutral results.

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